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The Business Owners’ Guide to Brand Protection

Read my international best-selling book for entrepreneurs who want to grow and protect business assets and leverage wealth using Intellectual Property as a tool. Use my proven three-step process to successfully register valuable brand names.

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You will come to understand the risks associated with non-professional filing services including the scams that are inherent in filing without professional advice.


Build & Protect A Memorable Brand With REGISTERED Trademarks


You Will Learn

  • What is a trademark and when should you seek to register your brand names?

  • The types of brand names that qualify for a registered trademark, and which do not.

  • The process to successfully secure a registered trademark.

  • Reasons your application will be refused and ways you can avoid rejection.

  • How to avoid being misled or scammed by dishonest opportunists.

  • How to side step bad advice and find an expert you can trust.


In your copy of the Owners’ Guide you will learn the exact brand protection philosophies, principles, and strategies that hundreds of my actual clients have used to:

  • Defend their business against unexpected threats & trademark bullies

  • Create a memorable brand they can market safely to make a greater impact in the world

  • Leverage wealth and create a sustainable business legacy by using IP and securing the rights to legally protectable assets

You will learn how to use registered trademarks as a cost-effective way to immunize the life of your brand against today’s many cyber threats.

At last, you will understand how to choose a brand name worthy of legal protection, how to successfully navigate the registration process, avoid the scams and rip-offs plaguing trademark owners seeking to register the names, and how to find expert advice when you need it.

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